Japan on the long term 16th January

JapanI am back from my break and Happy New Year to all! Let’s jump into this Japan forecast. 22-25 Jan GFS likes this system for four days of Northwest winds, but EC likes it to continue into the 26th. Good for Honshu, okay for Hokkaido. 27 Jan GFS likes it for 18 hours of NW winds, but EC doesn’t like it for any winds from the North. If it occurs, good snow would occur in both Honshu and Hokkaido. 30-31st Jan GFS likes it to go from 30th at least until the end of the model. EC and CFS likes a day event on the 31st with NNW winds. Models suggest better falls for Honshu. 1st-3rd Jan CFS predicts good NW winds from the 1st through to at least the 8th with few several hour long light wind breaks. EC shows a period from 2nd-3rd of February, benefiting Honshu and NE Hokkaido. 4-5th Jan CFS continues NW winds from the previous period. EC gives NNW winds that Honshu much better than Hokkaido, due to the forecast position of the low. The current positioning of the jetstream is the average for this time of the year. Disclaimer: This post forecasts for 20 days away. I would take caution when using these long term forecasts and I do not imply any accuracy. But this is the best view we have for this far long term. Thanks for reading! Snowy Hibbo.

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