Europe on the long term 18th January

Back to Europe again… After the blocking high that is beginning to appear…

31st Jan-2nd Feb. EC Monthly likes this one for the entire Alps with the best precipitation found in the Western and Southern Alps. GFS and CFS prefer it for the Northern Alps.

3-4th Feb EC Monthly is looking like light precipitation to Southern Alps and heavier precipitation to parts of the Eastern Alps. And GFS likes light precipitation to the Northern and possibly Eastern Alps. CFS likes falls to the French Alps, and then the Swiss Alps and then the Austrian Alps, but then it’s all over the shop with another rain band.

6-8 Feb Nothing but a low well to the South of the Alps on EC with the possible exception of the Far Western Alps on the 6th, but might be something to watch as time marches on. Possible light snowfall to the Southern Alps on CFS for this period.

This system, a weak low on EC following the previous low. Possible heavy falls to the Pyrenees on EC and some light localised snowfall around the Alps. Meanwhile, CFS is hinting on a low from the north that benefits the Northern Alps. There is quite a pronounced difference between the lows in EC Monthly which are mostly from the Mediterranean and the lows in CFS and earlier in the outlook GFS, which are from the North. Seems to be a very interesting period. Disclaimer: I will let you judge the outlook for what it’s worth. Given Europe’s current up and down status with forecasting, I wouldn’t rate this forecast highly for confidence. But still it is interesting to take a look. Cheers Snowy Hibbo

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