Europe on the long term 5th Feb

Been a while since I have checked in, hope that all of you are doing well. This is the European Alps Long Range Snow Outlook and let’s get into it.

16-20 Feb GFS is currently looking at a cold node coming from the northwest, connecting with a low in the Adriatic and giving good moisture for the Southern Alps. The first part, when the northwest low first hits will give decent snow to most of the Alps. EPS Control is liking just the Mediterranean low to hit the Southern Alps over 14-17 Feb with some moisture.

EC Monthly gives us a Mediterranean low giving decent moisture to the Southern Alps. GFS is at odds with this. CFS is in the middle of the two other models with some moisture for the Southern Alps from a small low.

24-26 Feb EC Monthly has a band of precip with a low from the northwest. Speckled precipitation across the Alps. CFS has a fairly large, moist front hitting the Alps from the NW.

28 Feb-2 Mar This brings us to Spring with a low from the NNW on EC Monthly with precipitation for the entire Alps. CFS shows snow for the Northern Alps on the last day of February.

And after that the atmosphere doesn’t really remember its initial condition.

As always, I let my readers judge the accuracy of these forecasts and any reliability they may hold. I think you should use caution when using this forecast and any other long term forecasts. But it is interesting!

Enjoy the snow! Snowy Hibbo.

P.S If you haven’t read the header or my “Contact me” post, I have an email: . Ask me whateverett you like there. And also all comments will be subject to moderation before being on the internet. Thanks in advance.

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