European Alps on the long term 13th March

European Alps on the long term 13th March

Welcome back to another update for the European Alps. Sorry for the lack of updates, but we are back and it’s Spring! The time of skiing corn in the backcountry and try that trick in the terrain park. But there is still snow in the long term forecast, so the show must go on!

24-25 March

GFS is forecasting a slight front to clip the eastern Alps with a little bit of snow there. EPS Control is progging this much larger low, that dumps snow on the northern Alps and another associated low comes from the south and dumps snow down there. GEM is also with EPS Control, but with less precipitation and warmer at the start.

28-30 March

GFS suggests the potential for a system from the northwest and/or west. EC Monthly Control shows a low from the south, giving some snowfall to the southern Alps. CFS shows a weak low to the southeast, giving snow to most of the alps, concentrated in the south and east.

1-2 April

On EC Monthly Control, the charts are showing a trough over Eastern Europe, giving some Nic snowfall to the Austrian Alps. CFS shows a weak low produces some precipitation across the Alps with a stronger Arctic low coming over the Alps on the 3rd and snowfall associated with it continues until the 5th of April.

6-7 April

Another trough from the east, with this one stronger than the last, giving snowfall to much of the European Alps on EC Monthly. On CFS, there is some weak snowfall on the 6th, associated with the last system.

8-9 April

A weak low gives some snow to the eastern Alps on EC Monthly Control. CFS shows a disturbance over France, creates precipitation over most of the Alps, with a dump possible over the western Alps.

Disclaimer: I let my audience be the judge of the accuracy of these forecasts. I wouldn’t rate the accuracy of these models at this date range to be very good. But it is very interesting. Thanks for reading!

Stay Cool

Snowy Hibbo

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