North America on the long term 15th March

North America on the long term 15th March

Welcome back to another update for the Western United States. I do realise that there is still some snowing falling in the East, but we are focusing on the Western Northern America region. Hope you enjoy the update!

27-29 March

GFS predicts a strengthening low to come from California, where it dumps (wet) snow on the Sierra Nevada and brings light-moderate Snowfall to the Rockies, including AZ and NM. EPS Control and GEPS predicts a similar system that focuses snowfall on the Southern Rockies and boosts precipitation for the Sierra Nevada.

2-7 April

EC Monthly Control shows a low hitting BC on the 3rd, and then a trough begins on the 4th passing over the PNW and Northern California. On the 5th and 6th, the trough progresses to the Rockies. By the 7th of April, the low deepens and passes into the Great Plains. Good snowfall totals could eventuate from this system. On CFS, this particular system is a wide front crossing the Sierra Nevada, PNW and the BC Coast on the 2nd and then gradually moving over the Rockies and dissipating by the 5th.

6-10 April

On EC Monthly Control, you can still see the previous system affecting the Rockies in the image. But a front comes across the BC Coast and PNW. The system then progresses to lighter snowfalls in interior BC and the Wyoming, Montana and Idaho Rockies. CFS is looking like a similar BC front, progressing to a large low, that give moderate snowfall to the Rockies.

11-13 April

This system brings heavy snowfall to the BC Coast on EC Monthly Control. Lighter falls eventuate in interior BC on the 12th and 13th, and a further precipitation band associated with the low affecting the Montana and Idaho Rockies and Northern California. CFS shows a front dumping on the Sierra Nevada on the 10th, with snowfall over the Rockies on the 11th and 12th.

13-15 April

This low comes over the BC Coast on EC Monthly Control, and may affect the BC/PNW with some snowfall and other regions. CFS shows a front crossing Southern California, and the low comes over AZ, CO, UT and NM.

Disclaimer: I let my readers determine the accuracy of these blogs. It uses long term forecasts and associated data, and should be treated accordingly. But long term forecasting is very interesting. All written views are my own. I do appreciate all who enjoy this ride with me and thank you for reading!

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