Japanese Snow Season on the long term 2nd April FINAL POST for SEASON

Hello everyone, it’s come to the end of the snow season. Unfortunately this means these Japanese long term snow blog updates will stop until next December. But let’s have a look into April and see the 2016/17 season out. Enjoy!

18-19 April EC Monthly shows this system to be a low over Manchuria, that delivers a trough of heavy precipitation, but no north-westernlies, so the freezing level stays well above 2000m for Central Honshu and around 1600m for Hokkaido. GFS hints at a blocking high being present for this period. CFS shows a series of troughs from the 17th to the 20th of April. These have lots of moisture and have freezing levels for Central Honshu of 1800m and Hokkaido has freezing levels of around 1500m.

20-22 April EC Monthly has this as another heavy precipitation trough embedded with an associated low crossing Northern Japan. Central Honshu has freezing levels of 1500m under EC and Hokkaido has a freezing level of about 1300m. CFS shows a weak trough on the 21st, clearing on the 22nd with freezing levels of 1600m for Hokkaido and around 2000m for Central Honshu.

23-24 April EC Monthly shows a low crossing Northern Honshu with embedded heavy precipitation for Central and Northern Honshu, not Hokkaido. Northern and Central Honshu have freezing levels of about 1600-1700m on EC. CFS shows a decent trough for this period with good moisture. The freezing levels for CFS are 1700m for Hokkaido and 2000m for Central Honshu.

26-28 AprilOn EC Monthly, a massive trough associated with two lows, one to the south of Japan and the other passing over Northern Honshu, brings with it lots of precipitation. Hokkaido gets a freezing level of about 1200m and Central Honshu has a freezing level of around 2200m. CFS shows a low with several associated troughs, but it enters on the 27th and sits there until the 30th. The CFS freezing levels are 1700m for Hokkaido and 2300m for Central Honshu.

Disclaimer: These are long term weather products between 10 and 30 days. I let my readers judge the accuracy of this content. I certainly don’t proclaim that the accuracy of these forecasts are high.

In summary, Hokkaido is still getting some snow at peaks and lower down earlier in the outlook and Honshu is getting mostly rain unfortunately.

Thank you to all who read these forecasts! I appreciate you coming to spend five minutes every fortnight to see what I have to say about the snow in a month’s time. I will do Australian long term snow updates for the Southern Hemisphere Winter and I will be back to forecast Japanese snow on the long term in December. Enjoy the summer and remember to stay cool!

Snowy Hibbo

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