AAM Composites

+1.0 and above AAM+0.5 and above AAM0 and above AAM0 and below AAM-0.5 and below AAM-1.0 and below AAM
FMAImgImgImgImgImg Img
AMJImg ImgImgImgImgImg

Above is 500mb Geopotential Height Composite according to GLAAM categories.

The GLAAM refers to the winds of the planet being weaker (less westerly than normal) in terms of a low or negative AAM, and the winds of the planet being stronger (more westerly than normal) in terms of a high or positive AAM. In general, the jetstreams of both hemispheres are more poleward and contracted in a low AAM, and more equatorward and expanded in a high AAM.

These composites serve to demonstrate the effects of the AAM on weather in specific regions, and inter-seasonal effects that the GSDM (Global Synoptic-Dynamical Model) has on the Earth’s Atmosphere.

This goes to a page with links to measure current and future developments of the AAM and related processes.

The above 72 graphics are courtesy of NOAA ERSL PSD. Reference below:

“Image provided by the NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Division, Boulder Colorado from their Web site at http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/”.

All uses of the data gained from this exact webpage are permitted, attribution to this webpage is highly appreciated. Report errors and suggestions to my contact page.

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